Naval is famous for its pottery which served most of the Huesca province and even the South of France. The pottery workshops specialized in fire-cooking pots and marinated food containers. This kind of pottery was recognized for the unique glazed and simple decoration (sort of a flower made with six yellow points), which became the symbol of Naval. Fathers handed the craft down to their sons, or sons-in-law if there were no sons. One potter, Pedro Salanova with only one daughter was waiting for her to get married to teach the trade to his son-in-law. However, she never got married and Pedro Salanova became the last of the potters. When he died, his daughter preserved the house with the workshop in it, just as her father had been living and working there (without electricity). When she passed away, the pottery visitor centre was created in the house. Today everything still remains in its original state: the workshop, the ponds where the clay was formed, the oven… even his jacket is still hanging besides the chair where he used to work the clay. Pedro Salanova would be very happy!
In the hall of the visitor centre there is an exhibition that describes the history of pottery, its techniques and the specific characteristics of Naval’s pottery. There is also a room showing a video-performance that brings to life for visitors where and how Pedro Salanova lived. The oven and ponds are situated in a terrace, outside the house.

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