prepirineo clandestino
We would like to suggest a series of more unusual cultural routes through the Pre-Pyrenees region of Aragon. A different way of discovering the heritage that often remains hidden during cultural visits. A trip to some of the more unknown facets of our region. Along the way, we have hidden clues and invented stories to show you this hidden beauty in a fun way.
Go ahead – and do not forget to turn on your GPS!. The closet routes to Naval:



Find the lost treasure of Al-Muqtadir: 50,000 gold coins that never reached their destination. From Ramiro I to Juana Enriquez, all the Aragonese kings and queens have tried to find the treasure. But is it true, or just a legend?
The route runs through Sos del Rey Católico, Uncastillo, Bolea, Loarre, Huesca, Barbastro, and Alquézar. You can follow this route on foot, by bike, on horseback or by doing it in several different stages. In each of the stages, you also have other great treasures to discover: Romanesque and medieval architecture, magnificent buildings, and wonderful memories.
There is a treasure to discover in each of the cities on the route. You have to write down the clues in order, as the website ask you for them. At the end of each of the tours through the locations, the website will give you access to the treasure. It is encrypted, and you have to insert the numbers that you have been finding in the clues in the same order that you found them.

Your clues in this link


On this route, which is ideal for children, you will get to know in depth some traditional production processes, the customs and the legends of the area, and you will even be able to float like in the Dead Sea!
A fun adventure that is also dotted with treasures waiting to be found. We guarantee you will not get bored with the trades and traditions. At each of the stops on this trip, there is a hidden treasure. To locate it, we provide you with coordinates and a series of clues. We recommend that you download the free application available from There you find all our geo-located treasures and clues.

Your clues in this link



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