The region of Somontano is situated at the heart of the province of Huesca, between the outer peaks of the Pyrenees and the vast plains that border the neighbouring region of Monegros.

It is said that Somontano captures many worlds in one. Within just a few kilometres the landscape changes from shady mountain enclaves to Mediterranean-style vineyards; from sheer cliffs in the Sierra de Guara to rolling hills covered in olive groves; from exuberant mountain forests to the dry plains of the south with their curious hills and ridges and from deep canyons carved by rivers to gentle foothills where everything is to the scale of man.

The paths along the Sierra Guara and Somontano have traditionally been trodden by charcoal burners and spoon-makers in search of boxwood, as well as local people fishing or hunting in the more accessible canyons. Many of these paths are signposted and offer all kinds of routes, from demanding itineraries for dedicated hikers to short walks for all the family. Many other routes are marked as suitable for mountain bikes.

However, the bottom of the ravines remained hidden and unexplored for many years, and it was only in the year 2000 that the Guara gave up all its secrets. There are many rivers in the Guara where you can experience the unique sensation of being swept along by water, swimming, jumping, sliding… Canyoning

If what you really like is the feel of rock and a chance to discover hidden places that are high above the ground and seemingly inaccessible, then you are in luck. Somontano has a special combination of rock types and geological formations that provide an abundance of magical and unique walls for rock climbing or for living the adventure of the via ferrata.

Another way to discover Somontano and the Sierra de Guara is on horseback, using the region’s many bridle paths. The bridle paths of the area allow gentle journeys along forgotten paths that cross rivers and climb steep slopes, and are surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Barbastro and Bierge have riding stables.






Imagen extraída de: Mikipons, CC BY-SA 3.0 ES <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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